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Artmind Trade Inc.

Artmind Trade Inc. is engaged in the development, customization and management of a team of complex trading bots that are constantly involved in trading activities. These bots are equipped with advanced algorithms and market analysis features that allow them to execute trades quickly and efficiently.

Using automation, Artmind Trade Inc. offers 24/7 trading, maximizing market opportunities and optimizing profit potential for its clients.

Artmind Trade Inc. automatic trading terminals differ in account strategies, methods and tools for analyzing markets and resulting returns within a 98-day trading period. For each trading account you open, a separate trading terminal is assigned that only manages the account associated with it.

Automatic trading terminals Artmind Trade Inc. have one of the lowest risk indicators in the cryptocurrency trading market.

Using these bots allows a business to gain a competitive advantage in the rapidly changing world of commerce.


In each trade, TradeWave fully utilizes the available funds in the client's account, the daily number of transactions is from 1 to 3. 
This strategy ensures optimal use of available funds for a stable income throughout the entire trading period



TradePulse uses a strategy in which only a portion of the account balance is used for each trade. This allows you to increase the number of daily transactions to 8.

This approach helps increase average daily income and reduces the likelihood of negative income trading sessions.

The operating period of the trading terminals is 98 days. At the end of this period, the trading account will be closed and your funds will be automatically transferred to your financial account.
You will also receive 40% of the trading account reserve balance at the end of the trading period.

Statistics on the profitability of trading terminals 

We present to you complete statistics on the profitability of automatic trading terminals in different cycles of the cryptocurrency market.

These statistics take into account both periods of high returns and periods of low returns. In addition, for clarity, all statistics are already presented in the form of options, as if client funds were in trading accounts.

Deposits and withdrawals - experiences and winnings

Affiliate-System program

For those who prefer to invest with a team and plan to build a comprehensive affiliate network, Artmind Trade offers a partnership program based on revenue from customers' total trading profits.

ArtMind's affiliate program offers a unique income system.

Income structure:
Earn on customer profits at four levels: 9.6%, 5.9%, 3.7% and 1.8%.

Additional benefits:

  •  Attractive returns through competitive commissions.
  •  Easy tracking of referrals and earnings.
  •  Marketing support with various materials.
  •  Flexibility to work at your own pace and expand your network.
  •  Join our programs to become part of the ArtMind family.

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