Streakk Achieves $100 Million Revenue In 2022 In 6 months


Suki Chen — STREAKK

According to a Streakk Press release:

Streakk, the truly secure and decentralized platform, has exploded over the course of the past 6 months and is showing no signs of slowing down.

Growing at lightning speed, Streakk’s revenue skyrocketed from 0 to $100 Million in the first 6 months of launching into the market.

Streakk has built the fastest network in the world with a global community of over 1.2 million people.

The company has been on an incredible trajectory since its inception, paying out more than $60 million in commissions to its customers so far.

The team has been able to establish several partnerships with globally diagnosed companies such as Minebase, MarketPeak, Go unique, Lan Network which also helped in acquiring new user base and achieving $100M revenue in such a short period.

Interestingly, Streakk offers a super fast and secure solution to the issue of transaction costs that has always served as one of the major hindrances for governments, big firms and central banks looking to implement blockchain on a large scale. This not only makes Streakk the fastest blockchain, but also the only blockchain focused on financial transactions.

Streakk is already in motion to expand its global footprint in order to bring unique crypto opportunities to users around the world.

“We have a very strong community in Europe, Asia and African countries. Currently, we are operating in more than 80 countries, and also looking to set up in other countries.”

stated Founder & CEO of Streakk, Suki Chen.

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Streakk has offices in Singapore (where the main developers work), and Dubai (where the marketing side of the business is managed). It is steered by a seasoned team in the back office and a fast growing family.

The native utility token — STKK, was launched on the 16th of June, 2022 with a starting price of $0.10 which shot up almost immediately. Interestingly, STKK token has grown 250x in 6 months thanks to the company’s token burning system.

This goes on to show how promising the token is, and the endless potential of the Streakk project. The rate at which STKK coin is gaining volume has kept its present and potential buyers very happy with the innovative project as they anticipate large returns and other amazing opportunities.

“We will not stop until the entire world knows of our amazing technology and wonderful community of Streakkers.”

– stated Suki Chen, Chief Executive Officer of Streakk, during the january 2023 Streakk Fest in Turkey.

Streakk will leverage its huge community and amazing network to gain massive exposure and unlock the potential of cryptocurrencies. With its outstanding products and amazing team, the company will further drive significant growth in the future and deliver improved value to its users.

About Streakk

Streakk is a leading crypto platform that is focused on creating the future of finance by maximizing the potential of crypto. The company has a very solid background as it’s been spearheaded by a very reputed and seasoned entrepreneur with over 30 years of experience.

Streak provides a stable passive income for its users to grow their portfolio with stable staking rewards from over 20 cryptocurrencies. Users can hold crypto in their wallets and earn up to 30% rewards. They can also add or withdraw funds anytime, anywhere.

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