+1686% increase since the launch of KOK token! - +1686% Steigerung seit der Einführung des KOK-Tokens!


+1686% increase since the launch of KOK token! - +1686% Steigerung seit der Einführung des KOK-Tokens! - KOK PLAY-NEWS


KOK token has increased staggering 1686% since the launch back in 1/10/2020 at $0.14. 

As you can see from the history, it's continuing to accelerate along with the users steadily increasing. 

With continuous expansion, partnerships, and innovation in blockchain core technology, future looks bright for Medium with no signs of slowing down.


Der KOK-Token ist seit dem Start am 10.01.2020 bei 0,14 USD um unglaubliche 1686 % gestiegen.  

Wie Sie aus der Historie sehen können, beschleunigt es sich weiter, während die Benutzerzahl stetig zunimmt.  

Mit kontinuierlicher Expansion, Partnerschaften und Innovationen in der Blockchain-Kerntechnologie sieht die Zukunft für Medium rosig aus, ohne Anzeichen einer Verlangsamung.



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DOWNLOAD THE MOBILE PHONE APP : https://apps.kok-play.xyz
Recommender CODE: NYBSYCMF

  • 1. First line:
  • Surname First name... (Latin letters)
  • 2. Male.      Female
  • 3. Date of birth ( first year ( 86) then month ( 03) then date ( 11) Example: 860311
  • 4. password no less than 6 symbols
  • 5. Confirm password
  • 6. Fin password 8 simv ( you can specify a password for registration)
  • 7. Confirm Fin Password
  • 8. Recommender CODE - NYBSYCMF
  • 9. Introducer Code: NYBSYCMF
  • 10. Tick that everything is ok😁.


And click the blue line at the very bottom.
And you're signed up💪💪💪💪


How do I start KOK MINING?

  •       Upload your Bitcoin, USDT (ERC20) or Ethereum to the KOK PLAY wallet.
  •       As soon as your Bitcoin, ETH or USDT are credited to the wallet, click on the MINING button. Then on your coins, click on Quantities, on 100% and finally on Confirm and activate your KOK Play Mining.
  •       From now on your KOK mining will start immediately and you will be rewarded with your winnings every day.
Welcome to KOK PLAY! !










  Welcome to KOK PLAY  !